Featured Project: High gloss finishing for designer retail shops

We’re excited to be part of an ongoing project constructing exterior façades for multiple high-end retail shops across the US. For this project PSC is painting custom storefront trims and moldings as a part of a larger install carried out by our client, a specialty glass company based near Seattle, WA.

The company builds and installs retail shops around the country, including some very distinguished designer clothing brands easily recognized by their lavish storefronts. The freshly coated siding can be seen at dozens of shop locations across the U.S. now.


Transforming synthetics into “glass”

Despite being made of urethane, once coated, the siding is presented and displayed as an extremely high-end, high-gloss finish. To achieve this, we use an Axalta coating, etch primer and single-stage automotive/fleet finish.

The key challenge of projects like these is to ensure that every piece is completely blemish and dust free. Even the tiniest mark on the surface—as small as a fleck of dust or dirt—would distract the eye and dilute the overall effect of our craftsmanship. To achieve this, our team meticulously inspects each piece of molding at every stage so that the final product is as close to flawless as we can accomplish.

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Working as a team

As with all of our projects, prepping and coating the molding is a team effort. On any given day, you’ll find 7 to 10 Puget Sound Coatings team members working on various stages of the coating process as well as communicating and collaborating with the customer to meet priority and scheduling.


Project Stages










The entire process, from initial arrival of the product to final shipment, takes one to three business days. However, we are in an ongoing production and completing pieces from start to finish daily.


Showcasing our range

In addition to the quality of our work, the range of industries we work in and the variety of projects we take on truly sets us apart. This project is a good representation of our high-end finish work, which requires a different set of skills than the large industrial pieces we blast and coat for structural steel companies or the metallizing work we complete for the marine world. Working with such a diverse range of clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.

As one of Seattle’s longest standing surface preparation companies, you can count on our experience and expertise to get the job done. Find out more about our painting and coating services, and discover how we can support your business.